As you may have noticed, I am French, and Thanksgiving is not celebrated in my country. But as I live here, in US, I have to admit that it is one holiday I really like, for the message it conveys. So, as a lot of other immigrants, we adopted and celebrate it. Thanksgiving is often celebrated around a big meal with family members. As we don't have any other person from our family in this continent, we usually invite people who don't either, and would probably not celebrate otherwise. We do the big turkey and all, and ask that everyone comes with a dish to share.

I like this holiday, because there are so many things I can be thankful for. I am gonna try to list a few here...

- My family, aka my husband and my children.

This picture has been taken this fall next to one of the numerous lakes in our great state of Michigan.

I am so fortunate to have my husband on my side. He is my best friend, and we share a lot in common. We are also 2 very different persons and find our complementarity in the other personality. He is a creative guy too, in an engineer way and is never short of new ideas. His motto: "There is no problem, only solutions...". He is also very supportive of my jewelry creations, and I really couldn't do it without his support. That's to make it short...

My children are the sweetest children ever (that is honestly very subjective !) and are my best creations. I am so blessed to have them, even if I have to count my free time in a few hours a day, and if they make me angry, and give me a lot of work. I just cannot imagine my life without them, without the love they give me (when I am not the "mean mom") and the love I give them.

- My parents, and also my in-laws, who are great people, and who love us unconditionally.

- Our sisters, brothers, nephew and nieces and relatives at large, because family is so important for us.

- Our friends, who make our lives more enjoyable.

- My health, and the health of my children and husband. We are not great customers for our doctors, and when we pay them a visit, they sometimes thought we had moved away (including my hubby's dentist, which is not a good thing !).

- My husband's job of course, specially in this troube economy, which allows us to not worry about paying the bills or not being able to have a heated house this winter, as so many other people would. I don't take this for granted, and I am very thankful for it everyday.

- My work, well, it is not a work, but a passion, and being able to express myself and my creativity.

- Freedom, of course, of expression, of religion, of choice, of a country without a war.

- Living in a period when most of us are going back to our roots, and realize we have to take care of our mother Earth and have to celebrate it, its beauty and its gifts, and give back.

and so much more, of course...

there are some days when we wake up with our pains,
and forget what we have to be thankful for,
and take for granted what we have,
the love
and the wealth
and the health.

Let's not forget.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts...


luthien said...

what a great post! :)sometimes we should stop and think of how lucky we all are and stop complaining too much... and you have a lovely lovely family :) thank you for the wake up call :) God bless and happy holidays :)

The Stiletto Effect said...

Lovely picture :D

luthien said...

hello EJ,
you've been awarded 3 awards :) pls claim them in my place ;) hope you had a great holiday :)

Marcyanna said...

Beautiful post! Thanks for your kind words & for visiting my blog. I love your jewelry. Keep creating... it makes the world a better place!